No Man's Sky Prisms Update Adds A Visual Overhaul

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No Man's Sky is the game which keeps giving. With that disastrous launch now a distant memory, Hello Games founder Sean Murray's just revealed details about the latest update. Calling it Prisms, that's primarily designed as a visual upgrade and it launches today on all platforms.

Coming in at 13GB on the PS4 and 11.9 GB on the Xbox Series X|S, this mandatory update offers quite the overhaul, with Hello Games stating:

Update 3.5, Prisms, dramatically refreshes the No Man’s Sky experience with a range of new visual features and technologies. The universe has never looked better, with reflections, new texture effects, more biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, creature fur, and a host more besides.

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No Man's Sky Prisms Update Adds A Visual Overhaul

As part of this, No Man’s Sky now supports screen space reflection (SSR) technology, available on the PC, next-gen, and Xbox One editions. New styles of volumetric lights have also been introduced, Interstellar travel's been reworked and PC players - providing they own compatible 30-series NVIDIA graphics cards - can take advantage of DLSS. You can see it all in action below.


While Hello Games haven't released full patch notes just yet, they've offered a comprehensive outline on what's included right here. With Sean Murray confirming "there are plenty more surprises ahead", we'll keep you informed about further updates as they happen.