No Man's Sky Expedition 3: Release Date, How to Start

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No Man's Sky introduced Expeditions in 2021, allowing players to progress along a curated story with some pretty great rewards. The first two arrived in quick succession, but Expedition 3 took a little longer. To help you get ready for Expedition 3, we've collected everything we know so far in this guide. We'll explain when it is likely to launch, and what could be included.

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No Man's Sky Expedition 3 Release Date

Expedition 3 was supposed to arrive 6-8 weeks after Expedition 2: Beachhead, but it appeared to have been held back somewhat. Number 2 released on May 17, following the April release of the previous Expedition. Expedition 3 released alongside the next major update, the Frontiers expansion. That update is out now and the new Expedition is called 'Cartographers'. Unfortunately, even though the new season of Expeditions is here, the third one has yet to launch fully. We'll update this page once Hello Games adds it into the game.

Players in No Man's Sky walk across the surface of a blue/lilac tinted planet

What Are Expeditions?

Expeditions are essentially new multiplayer questlines for the whole community to take on. Everyone starts at the same point, and must complete Milestones (objectives) to progress. You'll start a new save to play them, but can transfer the rewards back to your main save at the Anomaly.

How to Start Expedition 3

To start Expedition 3, just head to the main menu. Select 'Expeditions' on a new save. Expeditions are carried out in their own slots, before rewards are moved over to your other saves. You will need to wait until it is live first however, which should be within the next few days.


That's all we know about Expedition 3 so far. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Emeril. Elsewhere there's our guide giving some Essential Tips For Playing No Man's Sky.