No Man's Sky - How to get creature pellets

An Aibai-Abasta pet companion in No Man's Sky.

An Aibai-Abasta pet companion in No Man's Sky.

Not only is there a vast amount of space to explore in No Man's Sky, but you'll also encounter new and unique life forms on many of the planets you visit.

These alien forms will sometimes look familiar to other animals and even dinosaurs. While they might start to look the same after visiting a few dozen planets, they will technically all be unique in one way or the other.

Aside from scanning these creatures, which rewards you with a solid number of Units, you can also befriend them. If you approach a creature, the game gives you the option to feed them using creature pellets. Naturally, a newcomer in No Man's Sky will likely have no idea where to find this item.

In this guide, we explain how to get, craft, and use creature pellets in No Man's Sky so you can befriend any creature you want.

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How to get creature pellets in No Man's Sky

The description of and recipe for Creature Pellets, shown in the inventory of No Man's Sky.
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First and foremost, to be able to craft creature pellets in No Man's Sky, you need to have unlocked the recipe for them. The recipe unlocks as a part of the main quest line, Awakenings, at around 4-5 hours into the game.

By this point in the quest, you should have installed the hyperdrive to your starship and be able to warp between interstellar systems. Once you're able to warp from place to place, you'll find that the recipe for creature pellets will now be unlocked too. If you find that you do not have the recipe for creature pellets, try to interact with a creature at the planet level. This will usually trigger the recipe.

How to craft and use creature pellets

An Aibai-Abasta wild animal after having been fed Creature Pellets; the animal can be adopted or farmed of edible clusters in No Man's Sky.
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To craft creature pellets, access your inventory in No Man's Sky and select an empty slot. Then, using 60 carbon, you'll be able to craft creature pellets to then feed to wild animals you encounter during your travels.

Creature pellets can be used as bait for wild animals. When feeding various creatures, you'll get the option to adopt them and take them on as a pet companion; we explain in depth how to have pets in No Man's Sky here. Alternatively, the bait can be used to yield Faecium from wild animals, or to lure them in and then hunt them for their produce. Also, for animals that have been angered, feeding them creature pellets can calm them in some cases.

That's all you need to know about unlocking, crafting, and using creature pellets in No Man's Sky.

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