WarioWare: Get it Together! - Everything We Know So Far

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It's been a few years since we last saw WarioWare, though you'd be forgiven if you missed it. Released in 2018, WarioWare Gold arrived on the 3DS after the Switch had already launched, bringing a "best of" quick-fire "microgames" compilation, alongside several new arrivals.

We've seen rumours that a new Switch game is coming since last year and with a recent survey spiking further speculation, chances are we could potentially see a new game revealed at Nintendo's E3 Presentation. Here's what we know about a possible sequel.


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E3 2021

Nintendo revealed WarioWare Get It Together set for release September 10. You'll control Wario and his employees in a variety of bizarre mini-games and, for the first time ever, you can join up with a friend in WarioWare 2-player co-op.


Check out the WarioWare E3 2021 trailer below:

Nintendo Wants To Know If You'd Pay $50 For A New Entry - June 3

As spotted by Beta64 host Andrew, Nintendo has been sending round a survey with a very specific question, asking if people would buy a new WarioWare game at $49.99. Others have received this question with a different asking price, while some have instead been asked about a new Brain Training game.


Previous Rumours

Back in April, known leaker Eclipse reported a list of 17 potential upcoming titles for Nintendo Switch. While listing ports/remasters for games like Dark Souls 2 and TimeSplitters, Eclipse also advised a brand-new WarioWare game was arriving, though they only provided a vague release date of "2021/2022".

Notably, that list of new games also included a new Mario Strikers game, Radiant Historia, a 2D Metroid side-scroller - saying that'd be alongside Metroid Prime 4 - and a Sonic spin-off, alongside an unnamed "Sonic remaster". Considering Sonic Colors: Ultimate was just revealed, there could be some truth here, but as always, take everything with a grain of salt.

Are Any Wario Games On Switch?

Yes. through the Nintendo Switch Online service, which offers a regular slate of NES/SNES games as a subscription perk. Within this, you can find Wario's Woods, a falling tile puzzle released back in 1994, but that's his only dedicated appearance so far. Otherwise, he's been a regular playable character in spin-off Mario games.



If you pre-order via the Nintendo Store, UK players get a free keyring and a cotton bag plastered with Wario’s mug. Otherwise, here's where you can pre-order from: