Upgraded Nintendo Switch May Come Out September Or October

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In September or October of this year, Nintendo is reportedly planning to unveil a new, improved Switch. Assembly is expected to begin in July. Tweets made this news widely known, but it was revealed by Bloomberg initially.

Bloomberg reported that the new console would probably cost more than the current $299 Switch model. Moreover, they reported that the official announcement could occur before E3 to showcase the full lineup of Switch games.

Bloomberg reports that the higher cost was due in part to "costlier components and rising labor costs in China." Suppliers say they expect higher revenue per unit from Nintendo even though the new price is not known.


What the report about the Nintendo Switches says exactly

Those in the know are calling the new Nintendo Switch the Switch Pro. The Switch Pro may eventually replace the standard model and will be sold alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite ($199).
Matthew Kanterman, an analyst from Bloomberg, stated:

"An upgraded Switch can be extremely valuable in extending the lifecycle of the platform. Both Sony and Microsoft have had success with mid-cycle upgrades as a means to drive growth from live services and, as this becomes a greater driver for Nintendo, not fragmenting the user base across different platforms would be advantageous."

A 7-inch Samsung Display is said to be found on this new Switch, as previously reported. OLED displays and faster graphics chips from Nvidia Corp. will enable 4K resolution when docked to a TV.

Even with the ongoing shortages of semiconductor chips, suppliers believe that they will be able to fulfill Nintendo's orders because the parts used by the system differ from those in systems such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Nintendo itself has said that it can't make enough Switch consoles to meet demand, and it doesn't appear that it will change anytime soon.