28 Apr 2021 2:18 PM +00:00

The Queen's Golden Wii Is Now On Ebay For $300k

You might recall that around a decade ago, publishers THQ attempted quite the PR stunt for their latest Wii release, Big Family Games. While the game itself was nothing special, THQ tried promoting it by gifting a 24 karat gold Nintendo Wii to the Royal Family directly.

Addressed to Queen Elizabeth II, this delivery was unsurprisingly rejected, and eventually ended up with a Dutch collector called Donny. That whole saga was documented in 2019 by People Make Games, and you find that below.

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The Queen's Golden Wii Is Now On Ebay For $300k

Now, this Golden Wii has ended up on eBay with an asking price of $300k. So, why is Donny now selling this valuable collectors item? The answer to that lies within an an interview with Consolevariations.com, where Donny stated he's looking to move on with his life.


"I've been in one place for my whole life, it's time to get my own place. At times it has been difficult for me to have free time or relax. Lately it's all CV and my daily job. When I come home, I don't get to spend a lot of 'me time' so I would like to take the step and move on."

When asked about the price, he confirmed: "I want to be reasonable with buying a place for myself, and $300,000 is the price that I came up with. I don't NEED more. Also, this gives more people the opportunity to buy it"

You can test your luck with a Best Offer too, though we're sad to report that they did not accept our $5 offer. Still, worth a try right?