Nintendo Switch OLED Spotted On Display Weeks Before Launch

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Nintendo confirmed rumours of a new Switch earlier this year by announcing an OLED version. Offering a wider screen, ethernet port, and many more features; the hybrid console is set to release on October 8th.

But some fans can already grab a look at the OLED Switch in the flesh.


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Spotted in Nintendo's official Tokyo department store, the definitive version of the Switch is already on display.

User, Alex Aniel drew a look at the device and even snapped photos of it running some of Nintendo's games.

As noted by the user, the new console clearly offers a bright and more vibrant wider display. While its design appears to be more sleek compared to its predecessor.

Though we don't have a video to truly test its performance, fans can witness the device running in a matter of weeks. The OLED Switch will also launch alongside the highly-anticipated, Metroid Dread, the conclusion to Samara's current story arc.