Nintendo Switch: How To Fix “Software Was Closed” Error

You might've seen the news that Metroid Dread's been suffering with a crashing error. While reportedly rare to encounter, Nintendo's issued a warning about a known error, forcing the game to close down near the end with a "software was closed" message.

It's not specific to Dread though, this is a common error message on Switch. If you've loaded up a game and are having problems, there can be several causes, which we've outlined below:

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Nintendo Switch: “Software Was Closed” Error - Causes

Switch Software Error Screen
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Sometimes, like with Dread, all it takes is a random software bug. Restarts can usually fix smaller problems here, but if its a repeat issue, then that game likely needs a patch from the developer. Switch games automatically update if connected to the internet, but you can manually check too.

Other times, Switch errors occur when a game cartridge isn't inserted correctly, though trying again usually fixes it. Like with any console or PC, data can sometimes get corrupted too, which often requires you to delete the game and reinstall it.

Nintendo Switch: “Software Was Closed” Error - Fixes

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
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Nintendo Switch OLED Model

So, the question then is, what can be done to fix it? Here's a few tips which can help this problem:

Check You're Using The Latest Version Of A Game

As mentioned before, Switch games automatically update if your console's connected to the internet, but you can manually check for updates too.

To do this for the Switch firmware, go to System Settings, select System, then choose System Update. If an update's available, you'll be notified. For individual games, select the software icon and press the + or - buttons. That opens up a new menu, letting you check if an update's available via the internet.

Rebooting Your Nintendo Switch Console

To turn off your Nintendo Switch instead of putting it into sleep mode, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. That'll then give the "power off" option. If your console is entirely unresponsive, a force reboot can be initiated by holding down the power button for 12 seconds instead.

Scan For Corrupted Data

Within system settings, you can check if there's any corrupted data on your Switch through Data Management. When clicking that, select the specific software you'd like to check.

Nintendo Switch: “Software Was Closed” Error - Further Information

If none of these solutions work, your best best is to either perform a factory reset or contact Nintendo's support team for further assistance. You can do that here, and we'll keep you updated if anything changes.

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