How To Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch With Bluetooth Settings

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Switch system update 13.0.0 went live earlier today and Nintendo's finally added a long requested feature: Bluetooth audio support. Though you can only pair two wireless controllers at once whilst using it, players can now use their Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other audio devices as they'd like. Naturally, that includes Apple's AirPods.

That comes with a couple of downsides, however. Alongside limiting how many wireless controllers you can use, Switch doesn't support Bluetooth microphones yet, and Bluetooth audio is also disabled when local wireless communication is in use.


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How To Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch With Bluetooth Settings

So, if you've got a pair of AirPods and want to make wider use of them, or if you've got another type of Bluetooth device, here's the steps you need to follow:

Step 1


Once you've updated to 13.0.0, ensure that no more than two wireless controllers are connected to the Nintendo Switch. Be aware that a paired set of Joy-Cons counts as two in this instance. To disconnect a controller, hold down the Sync button for over a second.

Step 2

Turn on your AirPods and set them to pairing mode, which is done by holding down the button on the back. When it starts flashing white, you'll have succeeded.

Step 3


On the Nintendo Switch home menu, open up System Settings and head down to Bluetooth Audio. Select pair to then search for compatible devices, which can take a little bit of time. The Switch supports a maximum of 10 devices, so if you've already hit that limit, remove one before proceeding.

Step 4

Once the Switch finds the AirPods, select from the list and you'll be connected. Ensure the maximum headphone volume - adjustable in System Settings - is at a comfortable level, and you'll be good to go.