Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong Area Begins Construction

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It's been suspected for some time that Universal Studios' Super Nintendo World parks would have a Donkey Kong-themed area. After dataminers uncovered evidence within the mobile app and concept art leaked online, construction now appears to have begun.

As pictured across social media, images of construction cranes have been spotted across Super Nintendo World’s Osaka theme park. Specifically, that picked up on a jungle-themed environment, signifying that Nintendo's planning a Donkey Kong park expansion.

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Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong Area Begins Construction

Looking at these shots, it appears that Donkey Kong's theme park area's already got a structure laid out, though for what remains unknown. While Super Nintendo World finally opened back in March, plans have been repeatedly hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic, including Osaka being placed in a state of emergency.


While it seems all-but-confirmed, this does tie-in with previous rumours last month. According to known leaker Zippo, Nintendo's got plans for Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary. Alongside this heavily-rumoured theme park expansion, there's also been talk of an animation and upcoming game, the latter rumoured to be in development with Super Mario Odyssey's team.