Sky: Children Of The Light Launches Today On Nintendo Switch

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Having first launched two years ago on mobile platforms, Sky: Children of The Light finally arrives on Nintendo Switch later today. Brought to us by thatgamecompany - who previously developed Journey and Flower - this free-to-play multiplayer experience includes the main story arc at no cost.

Speaking further about this launch, thatgamecompany released this statement:

Originally launched in July 2019 on iOS and in April 2020 on Android, players arrive in Sky as a child of light to unravel mysteries of the desolate kingdom, and return the fallen stars back to their constellations. Players can explore seven dreamlike realms with like-minded friends, where they can fly, hold hands and collaborate together around the world. With compassion, friendship and altruism as central elements of Sky, the game’s innovative experience has drawn both critical acclaim and awards.

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Sky: Children Of The Light Launches Today On Nintendo Switch

As part of the Switch release, thatgamecompany confirmed several new additions to Sky. Alongside a new starter pack for $30, which includes two new capes, a vessel flute, new hairstyle, 75 candles and an "extra surprise", they've also confirmed a crossover event, starring Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "Le Petit Prince".


Players can also expect to find a new “Starlight Desert” area has been added, which will host an "all-new storyline". That launches on July 6, 2021, with more information promised nearer the time. Allowing 8 player parties with cross-play, existing mobile players will be pleased to know cross-progression has been implemented, and you can find more here.