How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

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Nintendo Switch's 12.0.3 firmware was recently pulled before being made available again, but it appears there is an issue with the final release.

Twitter is full of users reporting error code 2123-1502, and it appears the issues are focused on downloads and installations.


Here's everything we know so far, including a possible workaround.

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Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 - What Is It?

When downloading an update to an existing game, or attempting to install a new title, you may see this error code, along with the following message:

'An error has occurred. If the problem persists, please refer to the Nintendo Support website.'

At the time of writing, though, there's no real guidance from Nintendo, outside of attempting the download again, or restarting your console. Thankfully, we've stumbled upon a workaround.


Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 - Download Workaround

In our testing, we were able to work out a way to keep downloads going.

When downloading an update or game, you'll need to stay on the download screen - i.e. don't return to the home screen.

This will ensure you can keep an eye on the download, and it worked multiple times without fail in our experience.


That's not to say it's a guaranteed fix, but while downloading, just set the console down and you may find that it'll run its course.

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 - Fix

Unfortunately, it's likely a new firmware update could be required to fix the issue, so we'll need to wait.

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