Nintendo Is Opening A Museum For Their Old Products

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Nintendo's got a longer history than people often realise. Set up by Fusajiro Yamauchi back in 1889, they first found success producing handmade hanuafuda cards, before eventually moving to electronics in the early 1970s. Now, it looks like they're planning to showcase their wider history with a museum.

Tentatively calling this the "Nintendo Gallery", they released a statement earlier today, confirming their plans to create this museum. That'll be based in the Ogura district of Uji, Kyoto, using their Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant, a site built in 1969 to manufacture Hanafuda playing cards and product repairs.

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Nintendo Is Opening A Museum For Their Old Products

As part of this, Nintendo Gallery will showcase Nintendo’s historical products through “exhibits and experiences”. They're working with local authorities as part of a wider redevelopment plan, one which mainly covers the nearby Ogura Station area.

Within this news, Nintendo also confirmed they're aiming to have it completed within the 2023 fiscal year, which would end on March 2024. Considering Nintendo's vast history in toy manufacturing - to say nothing of nearly five decades in video game development - this could make for quite a trip.