Nintendo Announces Game Builder Garage: Learn to Create Your Own Games

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Today Nintendo has announced Game Builder Garage, a new game coming to the Switch this June which teaches users how to create their very own games.

Learn the basics of creating a video game with this new interactive software, by taking step-by-step lessons as you build a game from scratch.

"Anyone can learn the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons created by the minds at Nintendo."


The lessons are broken down into small steps and the player can go at their own pace, and once they are ready they are able to take their knowledge into Free Programming Mode where they can build their perfect game.

Available on June 11, 2021, The game will release for the Nintendo Switch and will cost $29.99 USD

Check out the announcement video below:

Nintendo Announce Game Builder Garage: Learn to Create Your Own Games


Whether you want a friend to give your game a beta test or publish it to the world, players will be able to share their code to others. You can even work on games together with friends.

Play around with the games little friends called Nodon, who each have their own unique building skills.

Players can even choose what sound and music are played in their game.

Stuck for inspiration? You can download other people's games to check out how they programmed a certain mechanic, this game is about learning after all.

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This new title is an exciting addition to the Nintendo Switch alongside other games that support player production such as Super Mario Maker. It's always exciting to see how creative the community can be.