Nintendo Is Developing A New Switch Controller

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Nintendo is due to launch its most definitive version of the Switch in three weeks through the OLED console.

But the Japanese company is already looking to the future, as it seems like they are planning to release a brand new controller next year. Even though the device hasn't officially been revealed, Nintendo filed the product to the FCC signifying that it could be announced in the next few months.

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Nintendo Is Developing A New Switch Controller

VGC has more details on the new application made. No details have been revealed about the controller itself, as a series of letters sent by Nintendo have requested for the product to be kept confidential for the next six months. One of these letters notes:

Please be advised that the following information is to be held in confidence for 180 days from the date of the Grant of Equipment Authorization and behalf of us. The application contains technical information, which we deem to be trade secrets and proprietary. If made public, the information might be used to the disadvantage of the applicant in the market place.

The aforementioned device has the model name, HAC-043. Given that the Switch console is HAC-001 and the wireless SNES controller is HAC-042, this practically confirms that the controller is a Switch peripheral. Also, details of a radio test report showcase that the device was plugged into a Nintendo AC adapter, hinting at the controller's inclusion of a USB-C port.

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Though we have no schematics on the device, we hope to grab a look at the controller next year.