New Switch Controller Could Replicate The N64's, Announcement Rumoured For Friday

In just two weeks, Nintendo is launching their most definitive version of the Switch through the OLED console.

It was already leaked a few days ago that the Japanese company was planning a new controller, but that report indicated that new information would be unveiled next year. However, Nintendo might be planning to announce the device even sooner, possibly coinciding with the release of the new Switch.

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New Switch Controller Could Replicate The N64's, Announcement Rumoured On Friday

It's been reported that the initial filing to the FCC for Nintendo's device has been revised. Previously, confidential information on the accessory was supposed to be showcased in six months but, the dates have been amended to 09/24/2021, this Friday.

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It has been speculated this controller will be a replica of the N64 one. As stated by Wccftech, the schematics of the device reveals two rectangles, one of which includes a long, thin label at the top of the controller. This is actually a prominent feature on the N64 controller.

Earlier this month, an insider also claimed that the Japanese company is planning to make N64 games playable on the Switch. Taken into account, it seems likely that Nintendo's device could be a reincarnation of the classic console's one. But, we'll keep you informed if this becomes official.

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