Nintendo Denies Claim That 4K Switch Dev Kits Have Been Supplied

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Nintendo is preparing to release their OLED Switch next week. Offering the definitive version of this hybrid system, that includes wider screen, ethernet port, and a docking kickstand. While no improvements in resolution are planned, many have wondered if the long-rumoured 4K Switch will eventually emerge.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported on claims by various developers that they are in possession of 4K Switch development kits. But Nintendo has now responded to the claims, explicitly stating that the news is false.

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Nintendo Denies Claim That 4K Switch Dev Kits Have Been Supplied

Originally, anonymous employees belonging to 11 studios asserted that they received software toolkits for developing 4K Switch games, implying that these were provided by Nintendo themselves. One of these developers included Zynga Inc., an establishment that is currently producing Star Wars: Hunters for Switch and mobile.

There's been longstanding leaks that Nintendo is working on an upgraded Switch, so these dev kits could've possibly been distributed ahead of its eventual launch. However, following the publication, Nintendo has once again turned down these rumours, denying the existence of 4K dev kits.

In a tweet by the Japanese company, they also re-emphasised previous claims that no other console is being worked on other than the OLED Switch:

In addition to Nintendo's response, Zynga's spokeswoman, Sarah Ross disputed these claims through Bloomberg:

To clarify, Zynga does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.

Despite this, Bloomberg also mentioned that a 4K system was in development and was meant to release this year. However, the global chip shortage pushed back the console and cancelled the planned reveal and release; the same issue which is currently plaguing the supply of Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles.

Whether Nintendo will rejuvenate these reports or even release an upgraded Switch, we will have to wait and see.