Nintendo Switch Sports May Include Basketball and Dodgeball

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A recent datamine has revealed that Nintendo Switch Sports could include further games in the future. If correct, we could be seeing DodgeBall and Basketball added post-launch, giving players an expanded sporting library.

On Twitter, Wipeoutjack7 shared code from the recent Nintendo Switch Sports online trial. revealing references to Basketball, Dodgeball, and "other playable sports." Admittedly, this could refer to scrapped content, but this could also appear within a future update.

Nintendo Switch Sports May Include Basketball and Dodgeball

Nintendo Switch Sports was announced during last month during a Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Golf would be added post-launch via a free update. If Switch Sports is getting long-term support, there’s a decent chance that Basketball and Dodgeball could follow in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29, 2022. We don't have a release date for Golf's free update yet, though we'll keep you informed with further details once we know. In other news, the Nintendo Switch reached its 5th anniversary today, and we've broken down the console's top 10 games.

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