Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Ren And Stimpy To Join Roster, Movelist Also Revealed

The latest character reveal has confirmed that Ren and Stimpy will join the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl's initial cast on release. This duo will be played as a single character as both of them use each other to hit their foes with their comedic antics. Here's what else can Ren and Stimpy do in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

PlayStation Reveal

As seen on the PlayStation Blog reveal, the titular duo from the Ren & Stimpy show will be playable in the upcoming Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Both characters will played as single unit similar to how Smash Ultimate's Duck Hunt and Brawlout's Yooka-Laylee is played in battle. Rather than outright helping each other, both Ren and Stimpy often use each other's antics to hit their foes. Ren and Stimpy also has attacks that reference some of their show's memorable gags such as the Log from Blammo and Watch Out.

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Ren And Stimpy Moveset

Aside from revealing their inclusion, Ren and Stimpy's moveset follows right after Michelangelo's moveset reveal. Most of their moves involve one of the pair swinging their partner like a weapon to hit their foes. Here's what Ren and Stimpy can do in fights:

  • Keep It Together - Light Attack
  • Lick N' Stomp - Up + Light Attack
  • Wild Swing - Down + Light Attack
  • Best of Friends - While midair, Light Attack
  • Aerial Lick N' Stomp - While midair, Up + Light Attack
  • Aerial Wild Swing - While midair, Down + Light Attack
  • Tongue Flail - While running, Light Attack
  • Watch Out! - Strong Attack
  • Fore! - Up + Strong Attack
  • Back Off You Beast! - Down + Strong Attack
  • Aerial Watch Out! - While midair, Strong Attack
  • Memory Jogger - While midair, Up + Strong Attack
  • Divebomb - While midair, Down + Strong Attack
  • Beep Beep! - While running, Strong Attack
  • Log From Blammo! - Special Attack
  • History Eraser - Up + Special Attack
  • First Fart! - Down + Special Attack

The developers have designed Ren and Stimpy to be a slow character to use with varying properties depending on which of the pair is used hit foes. Attacking foes using Ren deals lower damage while Stimpy attacks hit slower, harder.

Nevertheless, this character needs to get up close to deal the hurt and is equipped with unique projectiles such as the Log From Blammo! and other tools to help approach their foes.

Who's Next?

As for the reveals, it's highly possible that Avatar characters will be revealed soon. Official trailers have already shown some of the stages that belong to the series such as the Harmonic Convergence and Earthbender city of Omashu. Meanwhile, the leaks have also pointed out that there are not two but three Avatar characters to be added namely Aang, Toph, and Korra.

As for the moveset reveals, it's highly possible that the developers resume on revealing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters like Leonardo and April O' Neil or go fully random as their pattern was broken with the Ren and Stimpy moveset reveal.

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