Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Leonardo Moveset Breakdown Revealed, Fills Screen With Sword Swings

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl's developer have recently revealed the moveset of the Ninja Turtles de-facto leader, Leonardo. True to his martial arts training, Leonardo's attacks are mostly sword swings from his katana. Here's what we know about this character.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Leonardo Movelist


As seen from the official NickBrawlGame Twitter and his gameplay breakdown, Leonardo wields with his two katanas to fend his foes in this platform fighter. So far, majority of his attacks are swings from his katana save for one acrobatic move to help him evade attacks and deliver a divekick on his foes. Here's what his moves are in this game.

  • Horizontal Slash - Light Attack
  • Vertical Slash - Up + Light Attack
  • Leg Sweep - Down + Light Attack
  • Air Horizontal Slash - While midair, Light Attack
  • Air Vertical Slash - While midair, Up + Light Attack
  • Down Slash - While midair, Down + Light Attack
  • Shell Shock - While running, Light Attack
  • Dual Horizontal Slash - Strong Attack
  • Dual Vertical Slash - Up + Strong Attack
  • Scissor Slash - Down + Strong Attack
  • Aerial Dual Horizontal Slash - While midair, Strong Attack
  • Dual Hit - While midair, Up + Strong Attack
  • Aerial Scissor Slash - While midair, Down + Strong Attack
  • Running Hit - While running, Strong Attack
  • Niten Ichi-ryu - Special Attack
  • Endless Screw - Up + Special Attack
  • Backflip - Down + Special Attack
  • Divekick - While in Backflip, Down + Special Attack

At first glance, Leonardo doesn't seem to have variation with most of his attacks when it comes to his grounded and aerial attacks. However, this consistency allows Leonardo to focus on controlling space which can make it difficult for his foes to approach and move freely when he's still around.


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Reach Advantage And Zone Control

Due to the design of his attacks, Leonardo's moves can enforce a defensive aggression through swinging his swords in prediction of his foe's movements. With the right swing for the situation, Leonardo can keep swinging at his foe's way to cut off their movement to hit them or set them up for better hits later.

Who's Next

So far, Leonardo and April O' Neil got their reveals recently which could mean that Michelangelo could finally get his gameplay breakdown video soon. The developers have an approach which focuses on characters belonging to one series first as seen on the first three reveals from Spongebob Squarepants before revealing other characters.

For now, we'll have to wait in the next few days to know who's next to get their movesets revealed and broken down for the fans and players to see.

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