Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: How To Grab And Throw

Attacking foes in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl isn't just about landing hits, you can also throw them. Grabs and throws don't deal as much damage but it can put players into dangerous spots, letting opponents knock them out easily. Here's what you need to know about grabbing and throwing.

How To Grab

During fights, players can use a Grab attack by pressing the Right Trigger. When pressed, characters will try to scoop whatever's in front of them. If an enemy's in front, your character will grab them, raising them above you. Once grabbed, players can carry their foes around for a short while.

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How To Throw

When a character is holding something, players can throw them with the Grab button again. When thrown, characters default to throwing forward but players can aim their throws if a direction is specified while letting go. Players can throw their foes into any direction, providing there's space to throw.

Alternatively, players can drop their grabbed stuff by pressing the Block button while holding something. This situation can be used if the enemy expects to be sent far after a successful grab, landing a hit on them instead.

What To Grab And Throw

Normally, players can grab foes and throw them around. After a throw, players can chase their opponent for another throw, picking them up for another one. This way, players can pressure their foes to stay focused, unless they want to get picked up.

Otherwise, players can pick up projectiles coming out from foes or themselves. When caught, you can return it back to the sender or throw it somewhere out of harm's way. Overall, throwing can be a crucial feature in pressuring foes when near.

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