Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Helga Pataki Moveset Breakdown, Heavy Hitter Confirmed

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Hey Arnold's Helga Pataki has recently got her moveset revealed and broken down in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The developers showcased her slow yet heavy-handed blows to send her foes flying in this platform fighter. Here's what we know about her in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Helga Pataki Moveset

As explained by the developers, Helga's moves are on the slow end but they hit hard when she lands them on her foes. Similar to Patrick Star, Helga boasts some powerful hits in her arsenal but focuses more hits rather than throws. Here's what she can do in the game.

  • Shove It! - Light Attack
  • Smasher - Up + Light Attack
  • Perfect Catch! - Down + Light Attack
  • Straight Kick - While midair, Light Attack
  • Backhand Slap - While midair, Up + Light Attack
  • Double Heel Kick - While midair, Down + Light Attack
  • Hockey Tackle - While running, Light Attack
  • Love Poem - Strong Attack
  • Kicking Dust - Up + Strong Attack
  • Lunch Time - Down + Strong Attack
  • Locket Sock It - While midair, Strong Attack
  • Curse You! - While midair, Up + Strong Attack
  • Volleyball Spike - While midair, Down + Strong Attack
  • Boxing Swing - While running, Strong Attack
  • Golden Magic Slingshot - Special Attack
  • Approaching Uppercut - Up + Special Attack
  • Homerun - Down + Special Attack

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Slow And Hard-Hitting


As seen on her gameplay reveal, many of Helga's attacks are not reliably fast. Her quickest moves look sluggish on the end which could be her openings if she misses alot of her attacks in fights. Nevertheless, Helga still has a good access to hard-hitting moves that can set her up for a few more hits to a combo and even have a projectile that pulls her opponents toward her on hit. Lastly, she has a parry move which she can use to defend and immediately retaliate against her foes.

Overall, Helga Pataki's moveset looks great for players who want stay pressure situations and swing at every foe that comes her way.

Who's Next

After Helga Pataki's reveal, the developers may be focusing on characters who are the sole representatives of their original show. This fighting game has many characters like this such as Invader Zim, Nigel Thornberry, Oblina, Reptar, Danny Phantom and many others. Potentially, Nigel Thornberry could be next as he previously appeared in an exhibition showcase where he fought against April O' Neil.

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