Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Catdog Moveset Breakdown, Fights Like A Tag Character On Both Sides

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl developers has just explained Catdog's moveset in this upcoming fighting game. Unlike other characters, Catdog works like a conjoined tag character with specific separate moves when Cat or Dog take the lead. Here's what we know about this character.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Catdog's Movelist

According to the latest Catdog gameplay breakdown video on GameMill Entertainment's Youtube channel, this character has more moves than the average character. A key system in playing Catdog is switching between Cat and Dog taking the lead in the fight. At times, switching up the leads can change some of their moves. Here's the full list of Catdog's moves in battle.

  • Tag Team (Switches the lead character between Cat and Dog) - Down + Special Attack
  • Take This Seriously - Light Attack
  • Uppercut - Up + Light Attack
  • Head Whip - Down + Light Attack
  • Streetch! - While midair, Light Attack
  • Twin Spin - While midair, Up + Light Attack
  • Double Dance - While midair, Down + Light Attack
  • Gotta Chase! - While running, Light Attack
  • Heavy Punch (Dog)/ Little Punch (Cat)- Strong Attack
  • Talking Stone - Up + Strong Attack
  • Golden Hydrant - Down + Strong Attack
  • Springy Headbutt - While midair, Strong Attack
  • Fierce Flex (Dog)/ Feline Fist (Cat) - While midair, Up + Strong Attack
  • Bouncy Bickering - While midair, Down + Strong Attack
  • Fight Cloud (Dog)/ Take This Seriously (Cat) While running, Strong Attack
  • Boomerang Bone (Dog) / Hairball (Cat) - Special Attack
  • The Mighty - Up + Special Attack

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Conjoined Tag Characters

As confirmed in the gameplay video, Catdog is a tag character that can adapt to situations depending on the situation. If Cat is given the lead, his specific attacks are quicker and more precise than Dog. Meanwhile, Dog offers slower but heavy hitting attacks with larger coverage.


To play Catdog efficiently, players must tag at the right times to use their tools according to the situation.

Where Are They Facing?

According to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl developer representative Thaddeus Crews who narrated the gameplay breakdown, it's normal to not know where Catdog is facing. This character has heads on either side which encourages their player to understand who has the lead in between Cat and Dog to surprise their foe.

Catdog boasts good attacks that cover both their sides if played well. However, this character just requires a lot of awareness to take advantage of his confusing stance in fighting their foes.

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