Can You Turn Off Auto-Play In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds?

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Us Soul Divers are knee-deep in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, but there is one issue that keeps cropping up: can you turn off Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds auto play?

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is good; it's great to look at, the soundtrack is lovely, and the characters are filled with personality. However, players are divided on the auto-play system. Some casual fans don't mind it, and it takes some effort out of boring quests, but a lot of players would rather they control their character. A quick disclaimer: we do like this game. We've been waiting for it, but there are some issues, especially with the auto-functions, which we'll get into.


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Can You Turn Off Auto Combat In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

The quick answer is, yes and no. There have been some ongoing teething problems with the PC client especially, but some have found it runs smoothly.


To turn off the automatic combat in Cross Worlds, you'll need to hit the tiny swords button on the right of the Familiars bar at the bottom. You can click through options like semi-automatic, fully automatic, and off. To actually, totally, turn it off though, you need to hold the button down. Then, you need to de-select every action and Familiar. This will stop the game from using them automatically when in a radius of battle. There are settings to adjust the radius in which the auto-combat happens, too.

However, it seems this does not turn off combat associated with quests. For us - at least on Android and the PC Client - even with the combat turned off, any quest-related beat-em-ups will still occur automatically. So sit back, and enjoy, I guess.

Can You Turn Off Auto Quests In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?


Like the auto-combat option, there is a button you need to locate. This time, it is under the quest tabs in the top left. It is the exclamation button. Click this, and the above pop-up will show up.

Now, again, this does not attune to what you think. This does not turn off auto-movement and combat within quests. This turns off the next quest automatically starting. Hopefully, Netmarble will add a function to turn off the hand-holding in these quests, but for now, it's either be shown exactly what to do and where to go, or look at the destination name and go on your own by deselecting the quest. The only issue with this is that the game won't give you any map points or quest markers.

There are some benefits to these automated processes, though. If you don't have much time to spend actually playing the game, but want to progress, you can leave it to run in the background. Or if you're bored of grinding, this will do it for you! Plus, if you get lost in the big overworld, the quests will always show you exactly where to go and give you fast travel options.