Wolverine Game Rudderless as Key Writer Gets Poached

Wolverine is flying through the air with his claws out
Credit: Nintendo/Insomniac Games/Marvel

Wolverine is flying through the air with his claws out
Credit: Nintendo/Insomniac Games/Marvel

Marvel’s Wolverine is one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives coming, especially after Insomniac made magic with their awesome Spider-Man games. However, things might be taking a turn for the worse, as Insomniac has lost their narrative lead to CD Projekt Red of Witcher and Cyberpunk fame.

After working as head writer on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Mary Kenney is now working for CD Projekt Red. Kenney announced the news on their LinkedIn (via ComicBook.com), revealing that they will be working on Project Orion, which is the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.

“Without further ado, it's time to announce my new job! Today was my first day as a senior writer at CD Projekt Red (best known for The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077),” Kenney announced. “I can't wait to talk more about my project, I'm thrilled to be getting back into RPGs, and my team is talented, welcoming, and just flat-out cool. Here's to a new adventure.”

The news is a bit startling since Marvel’s Wolverine isn’t out yet and Insomniac Games could make changes to its story, if deemed necessary. Even though Kenney may have finished the game’s story before heading to CD Projekt Red, they could still make massive changes. Then again, leaks have shown that they’re making good progress and they might stick with what’s been made already.

Project Orion has been discussed multiple times, often being one of gaming’s worst kept secrets since many developers have said it’s a Cyberpunk sequel. Now that CD Projekt Red has been humbled by the first game’s terrible launch, we assume that this is going to be a lot better.

Marvel’s Wolverine still doesn’t have a ton of official details readily available, as the company is still working on it to this day. At the time of writing, no release date for this game has been revealed but fans are hoping for more news soon.

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