Tournament Builder Roadmap

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Tournament Builder for Xbox One has been out for nearly a month now and we are so happy to see so many of you enjoying and using it.

We’ve been listening to everything you’ve been telling us about the app; from the mundane to the riveting, with a special shout out to our survey respondents, it has all provided us with invaluable feedback. Some of you want more official competitions and while this is something that will require a little more planning from our end to roll out, rest assured we will be increasing them (watch this space as we have some enthralling news to share soon). Secondly, with so many of you opening up your tournaments to the public, it’s getting harder to find the exact tournaments you’re looking for so we’ve been working to improve that experience for you. Finally, our friends from Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico and many more countries have been asking when Tournament Builder launches in their territory.It’s with this in mind we are now sharing a roadmap with our community of what’s next. The first update to Tournament Builder will be coming in the next few weeks. We’ve made a number of fixes, the details of which we will share in patch notes as soon as it’s been given the all clear by the wonderful people at Microsoft Xbox. One important feature we can reveal now is the new ‘Open Tournaments’ listings tile (aka page) which will now allow you to filter open tournaments by game as well as to search by tournament name. To note; using seasons as dates gives us a little flexibility in development without having to dissapoint our community when dates do slip. We could release smaller updates in between larger ones, so the version numbering we're using below will most likely change.  


Tournament Builder in other countries.

Our intention is also to localise Tournament Builder into a number of different languages as well as releasing the English version in multiple other territories. The former will obviously take a while longer as there are many interdependencies but the latter should start happening in the coming days and weeks.Please keep telling us what you want to see or any other feedback, it’s really appreciated and the team takes all of it to heart. Oh and don’t forget we have our prize funds; dropping £100 at random in user’s wallets to help raise the stakes of their own tournaments!

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