Team EnVy Launch StarCraft II Division with viOLet

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Team EnVy officially announced they have signed StarCraft II player Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan - launching their new StarCraft Division.

Team EnVy - predominantly known for their Call of Duty team EnVyUs - have signed the 'Surgeon Zerg' viOLet to their roster of players, in the process confirming their launch of a Team EnVy StarCraft Division.


viOLet is already renowned for being first to do something, as he was the first StarCraft II player to be recognised and signed-off as an athlete by the United States government; so Team EnVy have made a terrific, strong, start to their StarCraft roster.

Mike “Hastro” Rufail, Team Envy's Managing Director, stated: “We listened to his story. I thought: here is a player, a former champion who made a big move across the world to pursue his pro gaming career in the US at a time when maybe the opportunities were dwindling,” which lead to him ponder: “What would happen if we gave him an amount of support he hasn’t seen here yet?”

In the StarCraft community viOLet is already well-known and loved, with many showing support following his VISA issues in 2013 while competing in Blizzard's World Championship Series – which would eventually help lead him to be the first eSports player to be granted an athlete VISA.

Having now achieved yet another first, viOLet has said of joining Team EnVy: “My focus has never been more clear and I’m determined to show you guys some good matches and hopefully on big stages. I want to thank my fans for supporting me through the good times and bad ones. If you are an Envy fan but don’t know me, you will soon! :P” (Have to love a player who use emoticons in official statements.)


viOLet has already qualified into the Premier League of WCS 2015 - Season 1, currently scheduled to face Team Liquid's Bunny in Group C. Only now it seems he will have Team EnVy at his back all the way.

A hearty congratulations to Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan and Team EnVy. He's hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship, and a tremendous StarCraft Division worthy of envy.

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