Introducing Tournament Builder Prize Funds

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Introducing Tournament Builder Prize Funds!

Less than a week ago, we revealed our official Tournament Builder App for Xbox One.   

Since then, tens of thousands of gamers have downloaded the app and established their own tournaments, creating countless opportunities for gamers of all levels to interact with one another and compete in leagues, ladders and cups of their favourite games.   

To add to the wave of excitement amongst Xbox One gamers, caused by the launch of our feature-rich Tournament Builder App, we have decided to raise the stakes once again, as we announce our prize funds initiative, which will offer financial funding to budding organisers in order to help them build the popularity of their tournaments.

Over the next few weeks, Gfinity will be identifying prominent tournaments on the App and awarding £100 into the organisers’ wallet on, allowing them to offer a prize pool to their tournament entrants.

While all the criteria for being selected are a closely guarded secret, tournaments featuring unique games, creative names and a large following will possess a greater chance of catching the attention of our judges’ eyes! 

Sam Van Tilburgh, Head of Marketing at Gfinity says: “We want to give players and organisers alike the chance to compete, not just for pride and bragging rights but for a bit of a prize too! We are committed to giving gamers of all levels the chance to experience the buzz of competitive gaming – by launching the Tournament Builder app and supporting up-and-coming tournament organisers, we are building next generation eSports!

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