Introducing The CWL London National Qualifier Winners

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CWL London is just two weeks away, where we will see our 16 professional teams battle for the $325,000 prize pool and our 128 team open bracket, totalling a $75,000 prize pool. Before any major offline series, the National Qualifier are held globally for the chance of free travel and accommodation from MLG. We introduce to you the 9 winners we will be seeing at London:



Mindfreak (Australia/New Zealand)

Conrad “Shockz” RymarekLuke “Louqa” RigasJayden “Setzyy” Hewitt  Lincoln “Fighta” Ferguson Daniel “Swifty” Hickey

Mindfreak have been the APAC favourites throughout this season with back-to-back victories online: winning five 1k series and three 2k series. They placed T20 at Las Vegas, but fell short at the Pro League Qualifier after their elimination by Overtime Esport (the current Denial Esports roster).

Since then, they have progressed onto becoming runners-up at CWL Fort Worth Open facing FC Black. For London, Mindfreak will be looking as one of the top contenders for the series, especially with their current form.



Rush Gaming (Japan)

“WinRed” “Luke” “Hunt” “Gorou” “Vebra”


Rush Gaming have been icons for Japanese Call of Duty. After becoming back-to-back champions in the ESL Asia Community Cup in Black Ops 3, they attended CWL Anaheim last season and placed T80. 

However for Black Ops 4, Rush Gaming have been pursuing to remain on top in Asia: winning 3/3 National Qualifier and has placed T6 in both Qualifier Cups for Fort Worth and London.

Beehzy and Co. (Canada)

Bryan “Archivs” Jean Darian “Pawns” Howard Michael “Beehzy” Said (Substitute for UYU) Evan “Holler” Howard Bryan “Jimbo” Sabman

Aside from Holler and Beehzy, the roster consists of three players who were under Nation Of Power during CWL Fort Worth, where they placed 4th in the open tournament.

Beehzy played alongside F45TBALLA, Mruiz, Believe and ProFeeZy under Excelerate Gaming at CWL Vegas. After placing T20 and qualifying for the 2019 CWL Pro League, ExG announced they were to drop the entire active roster from the league. Due to the organisation holding rights to their spot, Beehzy was left without a Pro League placement. Since then, he was called up to be UYU’s substitute.

Stamino and Co. (United States)

Evan “Eleiviate” Staska Dakota “Nova” Williams Matthew “Neod” Powers Austin “Believe” Smith Steven “Stamino” Damiano


This roster holds a variety of talent in the North American community: Eleiviate is only 18 years of age and finished T16 at CWL Fort Worth. As for his teammates, Nova placed T32 at the CWL Championship 2018 and placed T16 with UYU at CWL Vegas. However, was dropped from the roster in replacement for Knight.

Believe was another member of the Excelerate Gaming roster who unfortunately lost his place in the Pro League.

mAxxie and Co. (France)

Maxime “mAxxie” Ebran Enzo “Cobra” Mekentichi Lorenzo “YuuzL” De Carvalho Jordan “Abuzah” François Julien “ZaaQ” (unknown)

After CWL Vegas, Team Requiem introduced their new French-dominant roster. After placing T8 at CWL Fort Worth Open, the team parted ways with the organisation. However, these five players will be one of the youngest rosters to attend the event; all apart from mAxxie are born in 2000. They no longer have any French rivals in the competition, as Denial Esports will compete in the Pro bracket.

Predax and Co. (Italy)

Nicolò “Blade” Maggi Nicholas “Predax” Sestito Luca “Infernal” Romaniello Laurens “Subsist” Schuurmans Adriano  “Lumbast” Cirilli


After a long spell at iDomina Esports, Blade, Infernal and Predax left the organisation after CWL Vegas, placing T64. However, in March, they introduced former Team Forge player, Lumbast.

Following their addition came Dutch Call of Duty player, Subsist - who soared through Infinite Warfare and finished the season at the Championship in 2017.



Final Gaming (Germany)

Sebastian “Cookie” Schubert Piero “Piero” Fazio Tom “Sharko” Serdarusic Enrique “Pazy” Lange Arthur “TPiece” Seibert

During WWII, Sharko, Piero and TPiece alongside with former teammate, Prime won Gameturnier Frenkendorf 2018; a minor Call of Duty tournament in Switzerland. (Taking home 2,000CHF (~£1,500)).


Movistar Riders (Spain)

Alejandro “PuNi” Navarro Samuel “Sammy” Mateos Daniel “Oney” Flórez Enrique “Katru” Lapina Ronaldo “Wartex” Lavado

After his spell with iDomina Esports, becoming Italy’s favourites, Wartex introduced himself to the Spanish community, that he would be joining Movistar Riders for the foreseeable future. Despite becoming runners-up during the Spanish NAT Qualifier for Fort Worth, they faced their rivals once again for London: Vodafone Giants.

Their British-Spanish roster has always held a somewhat rivalry with Movistar Riders; taking it to the grand final to decide who will be given the grand prize for London. Unfortunately for Giants, they could not succeed a back-to-back championship in the National Qualifier.  It could be an interesting turn of events if these two teams cross paths in the London Open bracket…

Lagoon7 (United Kingdom)

Tobias “CleanX” Jønsson Byron “Linney” Linney Koomali “Traudey” Hassan Callum “Chaaxter” (unknown) Conor “BBConor” Shier 

Out of all the National Qualifier matches taking place, the United Kingdom bracket was the most surprising one of all.


With both Lightning Pandas and Team Sween in attendance, they both were eliminated fast. Team Sween shocked the bracket the most after not being able to make it past the first round of both the winners and losers bracket. Whilst for Lightning Pandas, their hopes remained high during the series; but fell short to LanZz Gaming in Round 5 of the losers bracket. 

However for Lagoon7, they did not leave the winners bracket. After taking down Team Singularity and The Atlas Lions, they came face-to-face with allies, LanZz Gaming. Yet, after having to face another series in the grand finals, Lagoon7 swept the series and became the UK’s National Qualifier champions.



Two Weeks To Go...

It is just two weeks ahead until the first and only European event takes place here in London.

The nine teams who found success through the National Qualifier will be one of 128 teams fighting for the $75,000 prize pool in the open bracket.


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Written ByAlisha Wicks@Alishalmao