Introducing CS:GO to the Gfinity Elite Series

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Stop Dreaming. Start Playing.

For the past few months, we’ve been dropping several hints and teasers around the details of the Gfinity Elite Series, a project we believe will revolutionise the competitive gaming industry as you know it. Today, we’re delighted to reveal the official details of the Gfinity Challenger Series, along with its first game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


Get yourself seen!

The Gfinity Challenger Series is an open competitive gaming series, in which gamers of all levels and aspirations can participate. Build your profile, climb the ranks and, if you’re good enough, you can make your way into the Gfinity Elite Series.

Whether you’re playing for fun against other gamers or starting your journey towards a career in eSports, it’s simple. The more you win, the more G-Points you earn, the higher you climb the rankings. This is an opportunity for Elite Series Pro Teams to identify upcoming talent.

The Gfinity Challenger Series is your path to becoming an eSports pro gamer. Start your journey today.


Do you know Overpass like the back of your hand? Have you racked up multiple clutches on Mirage? Your legacy awaits! Sign up to CS:GO on the Gfinity Challenger Series for the opportunity to be drafted by a Pro team!

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