Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December: PS4 Results and Standings Day 3

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The Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December continued today with the top 16 PS4 players of FIFA 19 competing for a spot in the semi-finals! It was a night of twists, turns, many surprises and one MAJOR upset!

Let's check out the results of the main matches of the day...


The action kicked off with the world's no.1 PS4 player Joksan taking on SPQR Tore, whom he beat with relative ease 2-0. PSV's Stefano Pina and Team Vitality's Maestro also scored crucial wins in the competition, but the most action packed match was the one between MoAuba and M10ustun, which ended with a whopping 17 goals scored! MoAuba was the one who emerged the victor with a final score of 9-8!


A clash of titans occurred when two Gfinity Arena regulars, Eisvogel and Agge, met on stage. Both players needed the win not to be eliminated from the competition, and their game was a non-stop action fest from start to finish, with both of them taking the lead at different occasions during the match. Agge put on a solid performance, but it was Eisvogel who managed to came out on top, closing the show 6-3 and eliminating his rival from the tournament.

NYC Chris and Lighting Ziad also scored important wins, which meant they both also advanced in the competition.


The undefeated Argentinean player and FC Basel Esports superstar Nicolas99 suffered his first defeat at the hands on Team Vitality's Maestro, after a though match up that ended 6-5. Another Argentinean player, 9z's Yago was also defeated by PS4 king Joksan and MoAuba suffered his first loss at the hands of LordHjorth.

Due to the tournament format, the losers of this round were not eliminated, and were instead down to the "losers bracket", where they would have another chance to join the quarter finals. It was too early to tell back then, but destiny would repeat all of this match-ups in the quarter finals, and all of the loosing players would get their revenge!


NYC Chris defeated ProHunter 5-4 and SPQR Tore dispatched RBL Cihan with relative ease closing the score at 7-0. Another key player that was eliminated from the tournament in this round was the "Kingfisher" Eisvogel, who could not get past Dufty80 and ended on the receiving end of a 8-5 defeat.


MoAuba and M10ustum met once again, and once again it was Auba who took the W with the final score of 6-3. SPQR Tore faced off against 9z Yago in a Latin American FIFA 19 clash, which saw the Argentinean player steal the win from the Brazilian one in the final leg. With the result, Yago would meet Joksan once again in the quarter finals. NYC Chris was also able to win his match once again and was en route to meet PSV Stefano Pina in the first quarter final of the night.


Stefano Pina took on NYC Chris in the first quarter final of the night, which was a very technical game between two very patient and calculated opponents. Stefano Pina was able to make his goals count in the second leg, were he had more room to score, and was able to take the win, eliminating NYC Chris with a score of 6-3.


Like we mentioned before, destiny would have it that the quarter finals would be played out by the same match ups that happened in round 3, meaning Vitality's Maestro met Nicolas99 once again, and so did MoAuba and LordHjorth and Joksan and Yago.

MoAuba was able to outclass LordHjorth and secure his place in the semis with a final score of 7-3, and Nicolas99 go his sweet revenge against Maestro by beating him 8-2. The biggest surprise and upset of the entire tournament however, was the match between Joskan and Yago.

At the start of this tournament, Yago was the 425th PS4 ranked player in the world, while Joksan currently seats at #1. Joksan was not only the heavy favourite, he had already beat Yago earlier in the day and he also had one extra player for the majority of the game, since Yago managed to get a red card and once of his players sent out.

In a shocking and unlikely turn of events, the Argentinean player was able to outclass Joksan in almost every way possible and score almost at will. He took the lead early on the first leg and managed to keep it all the way into the second leg. Final score 8-3.

With all the surprises and great games finished, we now have our final standings before the semis kick off tomorrow.


Tomorrow the TOP 4 Xbox and PS4 players will play out their semis and finals to crown a new champion for each console. The Xbox and the PS4 champs will then face each other in a nerve wrecking cross-console grand final that you cannot miss!


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