Announcing The 2016 FIFA 16 Play Like A Legend Season 2 Talent Lineup

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The FIFA 16 Play Like a Legend Championship is ready for kick-off!

This weekend, the Play Like A Legend Championship returns to the Gfinity Arena, as twelve of Europe’s best FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players compete in the second season of the iconic $7,000 competition.


Your Play Like A Legend Season 2 champion will be crowned this Saturday, March 26th, at the Gfinity Arena, Fulham Broadway. Tickets are available now!


Yesterday, we revealed the official groups and player lineup for Season 2 of the 2016 Play Like A Legend Championship, and today we’re delighted to announce our amazing broadcast lineup.

Following the positive feedback from you, the community, and the success of our last event, we’re proud to welcome the return of the entire Season 1 talent lineup!


Spencer Owen, president of the Spencer FC Game Academy, rejoins the Play Like A Legend panel as your official host, alongside his faithful team of pundits; Chris Trout, Jamie Bateson and Marius Hjerpseth.

We’re also delighted to once again welcome our French duo, Tom Von Bergen and Mahmood “Brak” Gassama, to the Gfinity Arena, as the official commentators for the French Play Like A Legend Stream.

In summary, the full Play Like A Legend Season 2 talent lineup is as follows:

  • Host: Spencer Owen
  • Commentator: Chris Trout
  • Commentator: Jamie Bateson
  • Commentator: Marius Hjerpseth
  • French Commentator: Tom Von Bergen
  • French Commentator: Mahmood “Brak” Gassama 

In addition to this announcement, we’re also hearing several transfer rumours circulating around the Arena that there will be another awesome giveaway held during Season 2 of the Play Like A Legend Championship!

Keep your eyes peeled - further information will be released soon.

Gfinity is bringing FIFA back to London with the Play Like A Legend Championship, taking place March 26th. Watch twelve of Europe’s best FIFA players battle it out at the Gfinity Arena!


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