Machete Star Danny Trejo Loves Animal Crossing More Than You Do

Danny Trejo is standing in front of Animal Crossing New Horizons
Credit: Nintendo/20th Century Studios

Danny Trejo is standing in front of Animal Crossing New Horizons
Credit: Nintendo/20th Century Studios

Animal Crossing is a game for everyone, as anyone with a Switch basically picked it up and helped it sell like pancakes. Just to show how true this statement is, Machete star Danny Trejo has revealed that he is a huge fan of the series, which is simply amazing.

On his official Twitter account, Trejo revealed that the beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizons is his current favorite video game. The actor also encouraged his fans to share some of their favorite titles, though starting with something so wholesome and cozy was unexpected.

Because Trejo has starred in so many action movies, many would have been forgiven if they assumed that his favorite game was DOOM or Uncharted. Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise would have also been a good guess, since he’s seen his fair share of horror in movies.

Knowing that Trejo is a big fan of the Nintendo franchise brings back great memories of the time DOOM Eternal and New Horizons came out on the same day. It was the video game version of 2023’s Barbenheimer, as fans made memes of DOOM Guy and Isabelle being best buds. This was also during the pandemic, so having both games really helped fans kill time during a bad time in everyone’s life.

Seeing Danny Trejo enjoy Animal Crossing is surprising, though we wouldn’t call it unexpected if we’re being honest. Despite looking like someone who can break your neck without thinking twice about it, Trejo isn’t afraid to show off his softer aside a lot. It’s why we’ve seen him star in movies like Spy Kids, despite being known for his gore-filled movies.

It also helps that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a pretty great game and one of the best titles on Nintendo Switch. While it could have used more updates that made it more relevant, this is still a game most fans can pour hundreds of hours into.

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