BioShock 4 Development Ramps Up After Years of Silence

A BioShock Big Daddy standing in the middle of the ocean

A BioShock Big Daddy standing in the middle of the ocean

New developer 2K Cloud Chamber is ramping up development of BioShock 4 after years of pre-production on the new horror-action game. With Cloud Chamber massively increasing the size of its team, BioShock 4 development is going full speed ahead.

Via Eurogamer, senior cinematics designer Jeff Spoonhover announced 30 new positions at Cloud Chamber on LinkedIn. The studio is now hiring additional staff to work on narrative, animations, engineering and cinematics.

Work on the next BioShock entry has been in the works in some form for the past decade following the departure of series creator Ken Levine. However, there’s still very little information regarding the upcoming BioShock 4.

Previous leaks regarding BioShock claim that the game will take place in an entirely new location for the series. Abandoning the underwater city of Rapture and the sky city of Columbia, the next BioShock game is expected to take place in an Antarctic base, a bold new setting for the long-running series.

Over the past ten years, BioShock 4 has been moved between multiple studios with numerous versions being worked on. Reportedly going through “development hell”, the game was at one point in the works at Halo and Call of Duty support studio Certain Affinity under the working title “Parkside”.

BioShock 4 development was moved to Cloud Chamber in 2019. A brand-new studio designed to create future BioShock games—similar to 343 Industries’ creation as a Halo studio—the new development team consists of multiple members of the original game’s development team.

While not much is known about BioShock 4, Cloud Chamber promises the game will “push the boundaries of what is possible in the video game medium “

There’s no BioShock 4 release date at the time of writing, or any announced platforms for the game. However, the game is expected to release across Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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