New World Cooking Guide: Where To Find All Fruit and Vegetables

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A player looking over a food cart, filled with fruit and vegetables.

In New World, there's more to making a good meal than just frying meat and calling it a day. If you want to create some of the more advanced cooking recipes and make way in your journey to max-level cooking, you'll need to track down the fruits and vegetables that are needed for many of the recipes for this crucial trade skill.

This guide will take you through all the fruit and vegetables you'll need for cooking in New World, and where you can find them. We'll offer a brief description for where the best spots for finding specific items are, alongside an map to illustrate their locations.


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For this guide, we used Map Genie's excellent New World Aeternum Guide


If it's barley you're looking for, there are a few places across multiple early-game areas where you can find this grain. We suggest you try the spot near the centre of Windsward, as it's close to the region's settlement.

A map showing the location of barley.


For a touch for something sweet in your meal, berries are the ingredient for you! You can find lots of berries grouped together in some places, but the large patch in Monarch's Bluff is the most convenient

A map showing the location of berries.


Blueberries are spread out across multiple regions with ranging level requirements. While you can keep an eye out while you travel, we recommend you stick to Windsward, as it has this particular fruit in abundance.

A map showing the location of blueberries.


Broccoli is quite scarce across New World, but there are some consistent spots where you can find this crop. The best farming spot? In our opinion, we recommend going back and forth between the two central spawn points in Everfall where the vegetable appears.

A map showing the location of broccoli.


Cabbage is a staple of a healthy dish, and is useful to grab on your journey to become a fantastic chief. You can find them throughout a range of regions in the southern half of the map. If you're a high enough level, there's a great spot at the south of Ebonscale Reach.

A map showing the location of cabbage.


Another crucial vegetable in cooking, carrots are findable is patches across multiple early-level regions. While there are a handful of fantastic farming spots, the best is Windsward which has a large crop of them in the south western corner of the zone.

A map showing the location of carrots.


If you've got butter and are looking for a cheeky snack, grab yourself some corn! It's not the most common of vegetable you can find out and about in Aeternum, but there's a great spot to farm it across the centre of Windsward.

A map showing the location of corn.


Feeling festive? You'll need to get your hands on some cranberries - which are somewhat rare in New World. Don't worry! There's are some consistent spots where they spawn in Everfall right in the middle of the region.

A map showing the location of cranberries.


Nuts can be found all over the place in forested areas, spread out all over the place. Farmers looking to gobble up a surplus of nuts can find a hub for them in the east of Everfall along the border of Reekwater.

A map showing the location of nuts.


Potatoes! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew... If you want to get your hands on a spud or two, there's two fabulous places you can find them near the centre of Windsward, or south west of Everfall.

A map showing the location of potatoes.


As we're nearing Halloween, it's a good time to obtain a pumpkin. There aren't a common find just wandering around New World, but there are a small number of spots you can find them often. These are near the middle and south of Brightwood, and near the south of Ebonscale Reach.

A map showing the location of pumpkin.


Whether you love or hate squash, it's a versatile ingredient useable in a variety of dishes by skilful chiefs. In New World, you can pick up a decent number of squashes from patches found in both Monarch's Bluff and First Light. Each patch in these two zones are typically not a long walk from another patch - so they make excellent farming spots.

A map showing the location of squash.


The sweetest and best fruit out there - no question. If you are like me and want to fill your bags with strawberries, you can find this fruit where you can find many others in this guide: Windsward. Across the centre and south of strawberries you can find a huge number of this delicious treat.

A map showing the location of strawberries.

Now we've covered every fruit and vegetables you can find out in the world of Aeternum, you should have no issue becoming a master chief and whipping up useful food throughout your journey through New World. If you'd like some help finding certain meat for a dish you've got planned, give our New World animal guide a read! Alternatively, if you just want to level up as fast as you can, you should check out our guide to levelling as fast as possible.