New World Lets You Unban Yourself In Latest Glitch

There's yet another New World glitch going around Aeternum, following the gold duplication glitch and a myriad of others. You can technically get banned for using any of these glitches, including the one where you kick someone out of the game. The latest bug lets you unban yourself, however (thanks, TheGamer).

"Glitch" might be a strong term for this workaround, though, since it just involves a bit of Steam skullduggery. If you have Family Share, playing on a different account gets you back into the game.

Another workaround is just changing your Steam email address, which apparently baffles New World enough to let you back in the game.

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New World Lets You Unban Yourself In Latest Glitch

Presumably, Amazon will roll out some kind of fix for this issue soon. The best way around getting banned is, obviously, just following the rules, though if that gets too tough, at least there's a way around it for now.

For some fans, including Shroud, it's not a big problem anyway - because they just aren't playing it anymore.

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