The Next New World PTR Looks To Add A Christmas Event To Aeternum

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The Next New World PTR has been announced which will introduce a Christmas Holiday event the "Winter Convergence" where players will have unique questlines and repeatable quests where they can earn a new type of limited currency to exchange for rare and cosmetic items.

Winter villages will be set up across the land in four locations where these quests will be available from the Winter Wanderer. Visit Everfall, Monarch Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, and Brightwood to find all the quests.

The Convergence Spirit is a new town project that tasks players to complete unique holiday project quests to upgrade each settlement's Tree of Light, which will improve the quality of the daily quest rewards.

Lost presents are being stolen from around the world and players must find them and return them to the villages which will be exchanged for Winter Tokens.

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The Next New World PTR Looks To Add A Christmas Event To Aeternum

Gleamite will also fall from the night sky during the event, which is a new dynamic event that players can collect and exchange the crystals for more Winter Tokens back at the villages.

Finally, Ice Caves will begin appearing all over Aeternum because of the Winter Warrior's desire for a forever Winter. These caves will stay behind after the event has ended as a new type of area for players to explore while out in the world.

On top of the Christmas event, many more changes are coming including new quests, journal categories, trade skill updates, a new currency that allows players to target expertise on an item of their choice.


There will also be PvP balance changes that look at the armor mitigation calculation from lower pieces of gear as well as the crit damage application now being applied additively not multiplicatively.

PTR servers will open on December 3, at 10 AM PT (6 PM UTC), and based on the last testing period we can expect to see them up for roughly 2 weeks before they make it to the live game.

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