New World: Where To Wyrdwood, Ironwood, Silkweed and WireFiber

If you've begun taking a serious look into trade skills in New World, then you may have started the arduous journey of levelling up your trade skills in order to create some valuable end-game items. However, there's more to logging or harvesting than rampaging through every tree and bush you see! Sooner or later, you'll need to track down specific resources in the open world. For loggers, this includes the Wyrdwood and Ironwood trees, while harvesters will need to keep an eye out for Hemp, Silkweed, and Wirefiber.

This guide will take you through where you can find these elusive trees and plants, and what the level of gathering skill you'll need in order to collect them. Through using this guide, you should have no issues finding the resources you need to continue levelling up your chosen trade skill.

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For this guide, we used Map Genie's excellent New World Aeternum map

Wyrdwood Trees

Wyrdwood trees are the first special type of tree you'll be able to gather between the two. Before you even start looking for them, make sure you have at least 100 levels in logging so you can cut them down. Once you hit logging level 125, you'll be able to track them via your compass at the top of your screen, which should make finding them easier.

You can find these trees scarcely across the entire map. However, groups of them can be found in higher-level zones like Brightwood, Weaver's Fen, and Mourningdale.

A map showing the location of Wyrdwood trees.
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Ironwood Trees

Ironwood trees are the highest tier of tree you can find in New World, and as such requires an equally lofty logging skill to be able to take down. Be sure you have at least 250 levels in logging before you even attempt to track them down, as that's what you'll need to start farming this precious resource.

Like Wyrdwood trees, Ironwood trees can be found all over Aeternum. However, they can best be found in groups in the highest level zones - such as the south of Edengrove and across the east of Shattered Mountain.

Map showing the location of Ironwood trees.
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A super important plant that produces fibers, something commonly used throughout multiple trade skills from early levels. Hemp can be harvested straight away without any level requirement in harvesting - so you can get to it straight away!

Since it is used so early on, you can find it across multiple zones (including lower level ones). We recommend you stick to these early zones when farming Hemp, such as First Light, Monarch's Bluff, and Windsward.

A map showing the location of hemp.
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Silkweed is the first plant that requires a certain level of skill in harvesting to acquire, and provides silk fibers that are used in mid-tier crafting. Be sure to have at least 100 levels in gathering before you go out to gather some.

You'll have to venture out of the starting zones to gather a decent amount of silkweed. We recommend Brightwood and the south of Mourningdale for the best spots where the plant is available in droves.

A map showing the location of silkweed.
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Wirefiber is the final and most precious of harvesting resources you can find in the wild. Wirefiber is very useful in creating higher tier items - and as such is something you should get used to finding once you hit the end game.

You can find Wirefiber all over the map, like the rest of the harvesting nodes we've covered. However, the best spots for farming wirefiber are spots where multiple nodes are grouped together. These are found exclusively in high level zones like Shattered Mountain, Ebonscale Reach, and the north of Edengrove.

A map showing the location of wirefiber.
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Now we've covered all the special trees and plants used in trade skills, you should have no issues leveling up all of the skills you need to become a master craftsperson in New World. If you're looking to do some mining, check out our mineral farming guide. If fungi are what you're looking for, we've got the perfect comprehensive fungi guide just for you!

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