New World Queue Times: How Long are New World Queue Times Now?

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Amazon's MMO is in the wild now, and New World queue times are about what you'd expect from a much-anticipated new release with plenty of streamer support. All New World servers are online at the time of writing, and that means your New World queue times are likely going to push the hour-long wait time or longer depending on your world.


New World Queue Times How Long are New World Queue Times Now?

Some mid-sized worlds on the U.S. servers are pushing three hour wait times or longer, and you're likely to have several thousand people in front of you before you even get a chance to log in.

If you're creating a brand-new character, we recommend choosing a world with low population. You're still at the server's mercy, but the likelihood of excessively long wait times is less in worlds with fewer people.

When you do log in, don't leave your keyboard for long. Like other heavily populated MMOs, New World will kick you out if you're inactive for too long.

New World queue time screen

New World Queue Times — Switching Servers

It's not all bad news, though. Barring unforeseen problems with servers and the usual maintenance one expects for service games, New World's queue times should shrink to normal levels in the next few days.

If you don't feel like waiting, pick an empty world for now. Amazon said in the next two weeks, it will offer all players a chance to change servers for free, so you'll be able to sink your teeth into Aeternum and still have the benefits of a thriving community.

Once you do finally land on your feet in New World, you'll have plenty of decisions to make, including which faction to join, how to spend your attribute points, and which weapons to use.