New World Weapons List: Every Weapon, Their Mastery Trees, and What Attributes They Use

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Man leaping while swinging his two-handed axe at a blocking enemy

With Amazon Studio's highly anticipated MMORPG New World right around the corner, players looking to jump in might be starting to planning what kind of character they'd want to play. A big part of every character in New World is the Weapon they use, as they greatly impact how you approach combat in both PvE and PvP content.

This New World Weapons guide will take you through all the important information you need to know when choosing what arms to take up as you battle your way through Aeturnum. Once we've established the basics we'll go through every weapon - highlighting which attributes they benefit from and what style of play they excel in.


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How Do Weapons Work?

In New World, players are able to equip two weapons to their loadout at once, that they can access easily at any time. You can carry additional weapon types in your bags if you want, but to equip them you'll have to dive through menus to do so. It's best to always have the weapons you intend to use in a fight equipped at all times. Bear in mind that weapons take up space in your bags and add to your encumberment - so it's best not to carry more than necessary.

They can be split into several categories. First there are your dedicated ranged weapons, which allow you to engage foes at a distance rather than rushing in. Then you've got melee weapons, which are split into one-handed and two-handed categories. Finally there are magical weapons - these are wildcards that are as unconventional as they are deadly.

Weapons can be acquired through a variety of sources including quests, loot drops from enemies, merchants and crafting. In the early game, you're going to pick up loads of weapons naturally as you progress through the main quest, so use the first 10 levels as an opportunity to try them all out. You may think you'll love the bow before you start playing, but a few minutes with something different might change your mind. Experiment!


Weapon Mastery

As you continue bloodying the new pointy sticks you pick up as you travel the lands, you'll start earning weapon mastery levels. This is a super important aspect of the game, as it provides additional attacks and passive abilities for your weapons of choice. Think of them like skill trees, but instead of providing your character new powers, they make you more effective with particular arms.

Each weapon has two skill trees, which specialize the weapon a certain way. For example, the Rapier has the Blood and Grace paths. The Blood mastery tree is all about applying a bleed debuff that slowly drains away an enemy's health. On the other hand, Grace is all about dodges and parries, staying one step ahead of opponents as you whittle down their health with attacks.

You can earn a total of 19 weapon mastery points per weapon, with no limit to how many different weapons you can level up as you play. That's not enough points to fill out every skill, so it's best to pick one tree and dedicate yourself to it, only putting a point into the other tree for a passive ability that might help.

You want to change where you've put your points? No problem! You can re-allocated your mastery points at any time. All you need to do so is some Azoth, a resource that's super important throughout the game and something you'll collect as you play.

A player wields a bow in New World

Weapons List

In total, there are 11 weapons that players can use. Each has its own play style and niche purpose that allows them to excel above the rest. You can find a brief breakdown of all weapons, alongside their mastery trees and which attributes they use below:


Bows are a ranged weapon that uses ranged ammunition (arrows) to damage enemies from afar. Its damage scales with attribute points invested in dexterity. The two weapon mastery trees are:

  • Skirmisher: Excels at placing poisons and other debuffs on enemies while maintaining distance.
  • Hunter: Provides heavy hitting and AOE attacks that pack significantly more damage and helps clear waves of enemies.

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is a magical weapon that grants the player mastery over flames, allowing them to rain down powerful spells to burn anyone they see away. It scales with points in intelligence. The two weapon mastery trees are:

  • Fire Mage: Enhances heavy attacks and provides incredibly powerful attacks that can quickly melt enemies.
  • Pyromancer: All about setting people on fire, which gradually chips away at their health. More about consistent damage than big bursts.

Great Axe

If you like wide powerful swings with a giant weapon in your hands, the Great Axe is for you. It's all about big damage and clearing out packs of enemies with this weapon. The Great Axe scales with points you put in strength. The two mastery trees available to you are:

  • Reaper: All about closing the distance and staying close to enemies, and provides multiple gap closers that help you do just that.
  • Mauler: If you want to spin to win, this is for you. Mauler lets you lock multiple foes down and rip them up with high damage AoE attacks.


If living on the wild side is more up your alley hatchets provide fast, consistent damage that rewards guts as much as skill. Hatchets mostly make use of points in strength, but also are improved to a lesser degree from dexterity too. They comes with the following mastery trees:

  • Berserker: Allows the player to go berserk, gaining stacking damage buffs. This path is all about keeping the damage coming, and reaping the rewards of damage and self-healing that improves the longer you stay in the fight.
  • Throwing: Adapts the hatchets to act more as a mid-range ranged weapon. Use this if you like keeping enemies just out of reach while peppering them with multiple debuffs.

Ice Gauntlets

You know it's clobberin' time when these icy hulk hands come out. Ice gauntlets combine good crowd control with decent damage to keep opponents locked down. Ice gauntlets scale with intelligence, and come with the following mastery trees:

  • Ice tempest: Provides highly damaging spells that help cool off enemies looking to get up in your face. This paired with a powerful knock-back allows the Ice Tempest player to keep everyone exactly where they want them.
  • Builder: All about keeping enemies frosted, which keeps them rooted in place, while a powerful ice pillar hails projectiles down at them.

Four warriors in New World stand with their backs to the camera, facing a glowing monolith.

Life Staff

If you want to play a dedicated healer in New World, this is your partner in crime. The Life staff is a weapon that allows you to keep everyone around you going longer and fighting harder. It scales with focus, and has these two mastery trees:

  • Healing: All about buffing teammates and healing within a certain area. Due to a range of passive bonuses, the Healing Mastery can really start to stack healing effects together.
  • Protector: A twist of the healer archetype. This mastery tree allows you to play around with damage reduction buffs that you can place on people, and allows you to do some damage while keeping everyone healthy.


Muskets are your second dedicated ranged weapon in New World, and allow you to do massive damage at a distance if you don't mind the slow reload time that is. If you want to bring a gun to a knife fight, this one's for you. The Musket scales with dexterity for the most part, but also gets stronger with points in intelligence. The musket's two mastery trees are:

  • Sharpshooter: provides skills that further enhance weapon damage through power shots and overloading the musket with gunpowder. Also rewards headshots with nice bonuses.
  • Trapper: Grants the musket user traps and gadgets that allow them to really annoy enemies. With this tree, you can immobilize, and slow foes while blowing them away.


The rapier is for the classier New World player. Someone who likes to get in close, deal damage, and look good while doing it. Scaling with points invested in dexterity, and to a lesser degree intelligence. The weapon comes with the following mastery options:

  • Blood: allows the rapier user to apply bleeds to enemies, which whittles down their HP over time.
  • Grace: All about styling on opponents. Provides a riposte and benefits to dodging at the right moment, making you deadly while throwing a flurry of light attacks their way.


If you fancy playing just one step out of range of enemies, the spear is the perfect tool. This weapon allows you to poke at people while they flail about until they fall over. It scales with dexterity, and to a lesser degree strength. With this weapon you get the following mastery trees:

  • Zoner: If you'd rather stay even further away from those wanting to beat you around, this path grants crowd control moves that'll keep anyone at bay. Once you do, you can just throw your spear at them for tonnes of damage.
  • Impaler: On the other hand, Impaler lets you rend your opponent up close. Causing them to bleed and stunning them as you dish out serious damage.

Sword and Shield

Everyone loves the classic sword and shield. The sword and board. If playing your typical fantasy hero is what you're looking for, look no further! Both the sword and shield scales for the most part with strength, but also to a lesser extent with dexterity. The pair comes with the following mastery trees:

  • Swordmaster: Provides additional attacks that further enhance the damage output you get with your sword. Certainly the offensive spec of the two.
  • Defender: Provides crowd control abilities, alongside a damage reduction buff. The classical MMO tank can be found here.

War Hammer

Last but not least, the war hammer! By a decent margin the highest damage weapon of all the melee weapons, war hammers are super slow but super powerful. As such, the war hammer scales with strength alone, and comes with the following mastery trees:

  • Juggernaut: Further increases damage output with armour piercing abilities paired with reliable crowd control. If you want to hit hardest, this tree is for you.
  • Crowd Crusher: If you'd prefer to split your massive damage across multiple enemies, Crowd Crusher shares the love with multiple hard-hitting AOE attacks.

With that, we've covered the basics and touched on every weapon in the game! Now that you've got a good idea of what's available, Take a look at why you you should join the Marauders in New World.