New World PTR Announced With A New Weapon To Be Tested Starting This Week

Amazon Games has announced the release of the Public Test Realm for New World, which will begin on November 10th at 12 PM PT and will serve as dedicated server players can download to test out new content and patches before they make it to the live game.

Unlike other PTR's players will not be able to transfer their characters over to these new servers, and instead, Amazon will grant instant levels and gear if appropriate to the content being tested.

These servers will only be available during testing of new content, and once testing is complete servers will be wiped and closed until the next updates come around.

All players who own a copy of New World will have access to the Public Test Realm in their Steam library, and players who have no interest in participating in the PTR can right-click and hide the game from their library.

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New World PTR Announced With A New Weapon To Be Tested Starting This Week

The Void Gauntlet is a new weapon being added to the PTR for players to test which is a new hybrid support weapon, and the first to scale off both intelligence and focus.

Two talent trees are available with this weapon as normal, firstly the Annihilation tree which focuses on close-range DPS, and the Decay tree which uses healing on teammates and debuffs on the enemy.

Also coming with this PTR are new quests all around the game, with PVP faction missions, enemy quests, legendary weapon quests, and main story missions all getting an update.

New mobs and coming to the game will have a completely new set of skillsets for players to learn.

Finally, the trading post will now be linked between all the cities meaning players can now buy and sell items no matter where they are in the world. Different taxes will still apply depending on where players are buying/selling and who controls the zone.

For more information, you can read the full announcement on the New World Website here.

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