New World Glitch Lets Players Duplicate Gold

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There's no shortage of bugs and glitches in New World, and yet another one seems to have shown up after developer Amazon tried fixing another one: gold duplication.

As reported by TechRaptor, Amazon Games tried fixing the original gold duplication glitch and temporarily removed in-game trading. This includes trading, accessing the guild treasury, or going to trading posts.

However, some reports circulated that instead of solving the gold duplication issue, it triggered another glitch wherein players can... keep duplicating gold.

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New World Glitch Lets Players Dupe Gold, Discovered After Disabling Wealth Transfer Feature


As seen on a Reddit post by u/xAleksas, you can begin a new town upgrade, but once you're informed that it won't start, you could get a refund for the cost if you logged out and in again. This glitch could be spammed by anyone, presumably without limit, though the developers are also considering it a bannable offense now.

Amazon Games is now aware of the second gold duplication glitch as per their response in a New World forum. They have also fixed the bug discovered this past weekend which allowed players to use HTML codes to send images or kick other players just by chatting with them.

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