How to Transfer Worlds in New World

Wondering how to transfer servers in New World? You’re in luck because Amazon finally implemented server transfers in New World, and the process is easier than you might think. It does require severing connections with your existing server, though, and you also can’t transfer between regions. The first transfer is free, and it seems every player is getting one after the server debacle from shortly after launch. You’ll have to pay after that, though it’s not yet clear how much Amazon will charge for server transfers.

How to Transfer Worlds in New World

The free transfer token is automatically in your account, but you have to redeem it first. Log into the game, then navigate to the store tab. There’s a “World Transfer” button at the bottom of the screen. Click that, then choose your World Transfer Token, and click “Purchase.” Despite having to click on purchase, the token is free.

New World world transfer
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Now all you have to do is pick which world you want to join. Since there’s no clear time yet when Amazon will implement paid world transfers, we recommend picking whichever world most of your friends are on if you want to form a group. Planning ahead so you all choose the same one is a good way to avoid any confusion - and avoid getting stuck alone in a strange world.

New World World Transfer Cost and Requirements

As mentioned, there's no price yet for transferring worlds after you use your free transfer.

Before transferring, you’ll need to leave your current company and cancel any outstanding buy or sell orders at any trading posts you’re active in. You also need to be in a settlement area, as the transfer reportedly won’t work if you’re in the wild.

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