How To Start A Company in New World

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In New World, many players will want to group up with friends and progress together, earning some added rewards for doing so. New World allows this through its Company system. where players team up to earn territories for their factions for more rewards.

Here's how players can start their own companies:


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How To Make A Company

Before making a company, players must reach level 8 and join one of the game's three Factions. A Faction affiliation is needed to make a company, which becomes available immediately after joining one. Once players have chosen one, you can check their menus or press the "G" key to pull up the Companies tab.

Fill in the details needed to make the Company, then round up your friends with an invite to join. However, players can only join companies that belong to the same Faction they're in, you cannot join companies from opposing factions. As such, remind your friends to choose the same Faction if they plan on joining you.


Fortunately, players can change Factions once every 120 days and can't join the leading Faction when it comes to territories. If your friends belong to different factions, pick one of the two disadvantaged factions to meet up and join the guilds.

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Company Activities

Once the company is made and your friends have joined up inside, players can join up on activities that'll contribute to the territorial supremacy of their Faction. The territorial war in between these factions are one of the game's central features which can double up as the game's competitive PvP system.


Players can opt to join these company activities or just bypass this system to just enjoy the game in a group full of friends.

Company Benefits

If their faction's companies win a lot of territories, players in those winning companies get some benefits from the towns and areas they own. Other benefits include cheaper fast travel fees, bonus damage on some creatures, increased yields on resource gathering, bonus crafting quality, and better luck in loots.

If your friends are interested in competing for these bonuses, these company activities can be pursued to get as much benefits for the Factions as possible. If belonging to the Faction with the least territories, the developers confirm that there will be an underdog bonus to encourage them to take territories.


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