How to Skip New World's Tutorial

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After several delays, Amazon's new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, New World, has finally arrived. Set during the mid-seventeenth century, players and their groups aim to colonize a fictional land, one that's modelled after the Americas.

If you've been waiting to dive in after the recent beta and gotten through the queues, chances are you're already familiar with New World's control scheme. As such, you might be wondering whether its possible to skip the tutorial, now it's fully launched. Thankfully, you can and here's what to do.


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How Do I Skip New World's Tutorial?

Once you get into the game, open the menu with Esc. From there, choose the Game Menu option and then press "Skip to New World". Once done, that'll instantly skip this tutorial, letting you continue playing the game, and that applies to every tutorial you find.

If you've not played it beforehand, we'd recommend experiencing the tutorials, since it'll teach you the controls and various gameplay mechanics. If you're after further advice on what to do across New World, our guides team has got you covered.