New World Guide: How to Get Azoth

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New World brings players to the island of Aeternum, a mysterious place full of surprises, places to go, and weapons to master in combat! Today we’ll talk about a mysterious material that can be necessary to upgrade your equipment and also to fast travel through the island of Aeternum, the mineral Azoth.


What is Azoth in New World?

In the lore, Azoth is one of the Primary sources of powers such as resurrection or the supernatural skills that our characters use. It's a cosmic-related blue mineral that can be used for many purposes due to its magical properties, or as a currency.

As a gameplay element, Azoth serves as a form of currency to fast travel across the many places on the island of Aeternum, with more Azoth required the further you travel. You can also use it to re-specialize your Weapon Mastery points, or craft enhanced versions of items during the crafting process of an equipment piece.

Azoth is a scarce material in the island of Aeternum, and while you have several ways to obtain it, none of them is as reliable as you'd want to, so be wise when you use it, and good luck!


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How to Obtain Azoth?

There's a few ways to obtain this precious material. These go as follows:


Completing Main Story Quests

Main Story Quests will reward you with fixed amounts of Azoth. As you progress further into the story you will obtain more amounts of this material, which will be helpful as you progress through the island of Aeternum.

As a Random drop from enemies above Level 20

After you reach Level 20, enemies will become able to randomly drop Azoth after you kill them. This is not reliable as a farming method at all, but if you go on a killing spree you should inevitably obtain more Azoth in the long term.


Using Tools with the Azoth Extraction Perk

Some tools can have the Azoth Extraction perk whenever they drop from an enemy or after being crafted by applying a Drop of Azoth Oil in the crafting process. While you can't manipulate the odds to obtain this ability when defeating enemies you should absolutely keep any tool that comes with this perk, since it will give you between 30% and 48% of Azoth drop chance every time you use the tool.

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