New World Guide: How To Fast Travel

New World brings players to the island of Aeternum, a mysterious place full of surprises, adventures, and more! To move around this enormous island, you have to walk most of the time, but you can also circumvent the long distance through several means. Today we’ll talk about the wonders of fast traveling in New World.

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How To Fast Travel In New World?

To fast travel through the island of Aeternum, you must first have known the place you’re going to, of course. Fast travel won’t act as a way to quickly go to unexplored places, but to help players to move around the zones they already know. To do this, you can employ several methods that go as follows:

Activating the Spirit Shrines

Once you discover any Spirit Shrine, you can start to use it to teleport to other Spirit Shrines, and any outpost or settlement

Spending Azoth

You can also use Azoth to teleport from any sanctuary to other ones, but keep in mind that the further you go, the more you will need to fast travel. Don’t get too greedy since you will need the Azoth for many more purposes other than traveling. You can check more about Azoth and its uses in our useful guide.

Fast Traveling to your House

If you own a House already (and you have my respects for that), you can Fast Travel back to your property from anywhere on the island of Aeternum, with a cooldown of 2 to 4 hours depending on your house category. You can also remove the cooldown entirely using Azoth, which can be useful, but expensive in the long term.

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Recalling to the Inn

If you checked into an Inn, which I absolutely recommend if you don’t have a house yet, you can teleport back to it entirely for free, every 60 minutes. Be wise when you use it, because you definitely don’t want to get caught in a bad moment with no chance of escape… or maybe you do.

Dying...yes, Dying

This is where it gets weird. Since you don’t get any sort of penalty for dying, some players have found it very, very useful to just die if they found themselves in a spicy situation in terms of inventory weight, or if they’re just too far or have no way to teleport. Since the prices of Azoth traveling can get high, and dying means literally nothing in the game (other than some small durability loss of equipment), this method, as weird as it is, just works!

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And that's it, now you know everything you need to fast travel across the island of Aeternum in New World! While you're here, you can also check our useful guides on every Animal, Mineral, and Fungi Locations!

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