How Long New World's Maintenance will be?

Amazon Games' MMORPG New World scheduled update is suffering a slight delay because of unexpected technical difficulties. This update would mark the release of Patch 1.01, and players are patiently waiting for the game to resume activity. After several hours of extended maintenance, they'll have to keep being patient.

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New World is currently under maintenance, which was scheduled for 11 am (BST) and now extended for several more hours, under unforeseen circumstances. The staff thanked players for their patience and stated that the maintenance it's expected to finish in two hours, so players waiting for the 1.1 patch will have to be patient while these issues are solved. Thankfully the staff is also consistently updating players on Twitter, as shown below:

Originally supposed to last four hours, the maintenance will be extended for over 2 more hours due to technical difficulties that are being solved right now, after which the game will hopefully resume its online activities. This maintenance marks the release of Patch 1.01, an update that brings several changes in quality of life such as AFK prevention and world queue changes, several different fixes, and overall improvements to the game.

You can check the patch notes here, and check back this article later for any updates! And while you're waiting for the maintenance to be over, you can also check our useful guides on every Animal, Mineral, and Fungi Locations!

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