Amazon Will Punish You for Duplicating Gold in New World

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Amazon announced it will take action against those who exploited New World's gold duplication glitches and will also make amends to those who missed out because of the trade restrictions. One of the MMO's many recent bugs included an exploit where players could repeatedly duplicate gold, and a second one appeared with the after Amazon implemented a hotfix by disabling the trade options.

Community manager Luxendra said in a forum post (thanks Eurogamer) that the development team behind the game have permanently banned those who exploited the gold bug.

"It was not a decision that was made lightly, but we feel the ability to trade and improve settlements is an important, and fun aspect of our game we aim to preserve. We have permanently banned players who exploited the coin/item dupe issue."

The New World team is also tracking companies that benefited from the feature and will take action against them, though what form that action will take is unclear.


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Amazon To Implement "Remediation Steps" Following New World Glitches Over The Past Weeks

However, Amazon recognized the first fix potentially hampered everyone else's enjoyment.

"We understand the frustration caused by trades being off and want to make sure that no one suffers in-game financial losses as a result from disabling wealth transfer methods," the dev team said in the post. "In the long term, if town maintenance is behind on a territory your company owns, or if you are unable to afford your taxes due to this, we will provide a make good."


Amazon also promised frequent regular updates on future problems and glitch fixes.