What Time Does NBA 2K22 Come Out?

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NBA 2K22 Release Time


What time does NBA 2K22 come out?

That depends on where you live - sort of. NBA 2K22's official release date is September 10, which means you get access to it the minute after 11:59 p.m. September 9.

However, there's a slight wrinkle. In what's likely a glitch of some kind, New Zealand already has access to NBA 2K22, and it's prompting people to take extreme measures just to play the game early.

Which we absolutely don't recommend doing. It's not confirmed, but some reports say changing the time and location can damage the system.

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What Time Does NBA 2K22 Come Out?

Here's when NBA 2K22 releases worldwide.

NBA 2K22 Release Time United States

NBA 2K22 comes out at midnight EDT in the U.S, which means:

  • 11 p.m. Central time
  • 10 p.m. Mountain time
  • 9 p.m. Pacific time

NBA 2K22 Release Time Worldwide

Outside the United States is a bit different. The release time is set to your local time, so whenever it's midnight is when you can access the game.

NBA 2K22 Regional Release Times List

Still don't understand? Check out the table below to find out when you can lace up your sneakers and join in.

Region Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo Switch Steam
New Zealand (NZST)Midnight Sept/10/20214:00 AM Sept/10/2021
Australia (AEST)Midnight Sept/10/20212:00 AM Sept/10/2021
Japan (JST)Midnight Sept/10/20211:00 AM Sept/10/2021
Singapore (SGT)Midnight Sept/10/2021Midnight Sept/10/2021
United Kingdom (BST)Midnight Sept/10/20215:00 AM Sept/10/2021
United States (EDT)Midnight Sept/10/2021Midnight Sept/10/2021
United States (PDT)9:00 PM Sept/9/20219:00 PM Sept/9/2021

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